Heibaitong Herbal Pain Relieving Patch
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Introduction of Heibaitong Herbal Relief Paste  : Heibaitong Herbal Paste is manufacture by Harbin Kang You Herbal Company which is hand made by the pure Chinese herbal, does not contain any chemical additives. It also contains velvet, frankincense, angelica, keel and other 60 kinds of rare and valuable Chinese herbal. Production certificate, quality inspection report, health certificate and other procedures are completed.

The manufacture date will print on the bags of Heibaitong Herbal Paste, it can continue to paste 168 hours, if there is time interval, generally can be paste 10 to 12 days. 1 to 3 Heibaitong Medical Paste will have general effect, 3 to 5 paste for individual serious, vary from person to person. Effective duration varies with patient age, age, and individual absorption. Generally, 1 paste for the adaptation period, 3 paste for the remission, 5 paste to strengthen the cure period, a course of treatment for the consolidation period! Vary from person to person!


  1. Heibaitong Herbal Relief Paste is made with 65 kinds of valuable Chinese herbal, of which only the price cost of deer velvet powder and imperial ginseng are very high.
  2. Heibaitong Herbal Relief Paste does not contain any hormones, western medicine chemical composition, so do not worry about allergies and so on.
  3. Heibaitong Herbal Relief Paste is the ancestral, handmade by the pure Chinese herbal.
  4. Heibaitong Herbal Relief Paste is not only for the general treatment of relief.

The main ingredient
Extraction of natural plant ingredients, combined with the ancient side and the modern process, so that the effectiveness of faster release of herbal paste, relieve pain, for all types of sub-health.


Production Process
Meticulous compatibility, the magic of the ancient side of the production of a brewed process. It can improve all kinds of bone disease plaster, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatism, joints, spur, frozen shoulder, bone hyperplasia, bruises.



Six advantages

1, folk legend formula : good quality assurance;

2, pure natural plant as a component: the effect is significant, tackling the problem;

3, quick: medication thirty minutes after the beginning of the role, one to four days have a significant effect;

4, very economical: a paste can be paste for 168 hours;

5, very safe: paste with transdermal absorption and sustained release technology, the effectiveness of direct lesions, rapid pain, to avoid oral liver and kidney injury;

6, no allergic reactions: the four seasons apply, the paste soft, easy to paste easily exposed, Chinese herbal paste directly contact the skin, to avoid tape allergy.






For people
1, to ease the various physical and mental neck and shoulder pain
2, ease the relief of the elderly in the neck and shoulder pain,
3, to ease the office of a variety of neck and shoulder neck pain


① hot sore 5 minutes, the plaster on both sides of the paste in the hot kettle, a little melted to the point where the strength can be torn, after cooling, affixed to the pain of the joints
② a paste can use 168 hours, that is, 7 days. Paste two days, disable 3-5 hours, so that the skin breathable. After exposing the Heibaitong Herbal Paste, the plaste can be saved in a sealed shade. Use again to melt again.
10 plastes for treatment, 3 plastes for mild symptoms , a small cycle is appropriate. Moderately 3-6 plastes are appropriate .The number of older people, with a course of 10 plastes , should be appropriate to avoid sugar and high sugar content of food, avoid greasy, quit smoking and drinking, eat less meals.


① rheumatism, rheumatoid and other patients, during the medication, the regulation of the reaction: the first post when used more pain than the state of illness, continue to use the process, some will appear drained sweat cold, pull out the brown toxins, skin Sensitive cream will appear under the eczema. All these states are good reactions.
② cervical spine, joints and other patients, during the medication, the absorption of good performance: burning sensation and a little tingling. There will be a few hours or a few days ranging from. Slow absorption, early no feeling, will slowly appear warm feeling. This is a gradual process.
③ lumbar spine, lumbar disc, spine and other patients, according to the different years of symptoms and severity, the absorption of a little slower, good absorption will also appear burning sensation. But the treatment period is large, it is recommended 5 course is appropriate.


Common reaction
1, very individual skin sensitive, there will be eczema and itchy situation, do not worry, just light to remove the plaster, fold to save in the sealed shade. In the top of the eczema smear some of the drugs can be cured, the reaction disappears, continue to paste
2, wet sweat in the process, there will be an automatic fall of the phenomenon of ointment. Just clean the skin and continue to be attached to the joints
3, burning sensation and pain, feel uncomfortable, you can remove the fold to save, rest 1-3 hours after the paste.








【Nine principles of the Heibaitong Herbal Paste 】


  1. swelling and pain:
    General does not hurt, the pain is unreasonable, indicating that the meridian barrier, leading to the emergence of pain symptoms. Use the Chinese herbal medicine to improve the blood circulation, dehumidification function, so that the lesion naturally returned to a healthy state, thoroughly cured, so as to achieve the principle of swelling and pain.

  2. blood circulation:
    Meridian lesions are related to stagnation and blood stasis, so the choice of blood circulation with the role, or can be attacked by the body of blood stasis drugs, treatment of blood stasis caused by the veins of blood, leading to a certain part of the body, causing pain, lumps and other tissue lesions. Chinese medicine blood circulation is a comprehensive role, can adjust the organs function, clear the blood, eliminate stasis, so that the lesion returned to normal.

3.Improve cold and dehumidification:
All the diseases are related to the cold and dampness, so the treatment can not ignore these factors, the ancestral use of rheumatoid medicine, to treat rheumatism evil stagnation meridian, muscle, joints and other parts, the symptoms of migraine pain. Most patients due to lack of blood, wind cold dampness evil take advantage of the flow of meridian joints, so that blood stagnation, obstruction barrier with wind-induced seizure of the sinus, wet viscous, heat easily hurt, resulting in dry skin Dystrophy, and produce lesions. The paste uses a variety of valuable authentic Chinese herbal medicines, with the traditional process of production methods, concentrated extraction refined from. Efficacy directly rooted, the treatment effect thoroughly.

4.Remove the stasis:
Selection of valuable Chinese herbal, with the cooperation of many drugs, through the meridian microcirculation to reach the lesion, in the lesions meridians dampness phlegm, Remove the stasis, dissipating stasis, dredge meridians and blood microcirculation of garbage and other harmful substances The purpose of treating the symptoms.


  1. divergent:
    Internal disease treatment, first of all, is to consider the absorption of drugs. The principle used here is the use of transdermal absorption of traditional Chinese herbal, play the nature of the herbal- the function of the spread, to open the body's sweat and cell microcirculation channel, increase the absorption and utilization of drugs to improve the treatment of herbal.






  1. sparse through the network:
    The body is built on the organs meridian function is normal, adequate blood on the basis of body fluid. The body of the organs through the meridians and blood are closely related. If their own congenital or acquired lack of endowment, blood is not filled, viscera dystrophy, will affect the body's meridians, so that the body growth and development mistakes, this is the disease. In fact, the meridian in the human body, like a highway network, there are a number of main roads, a number of branches, when the network is running when the problem will be poor, it will produce the corresponding lesions. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly for these meridian network, the purpose of treatment is "through the meridians along the blood." The role of these meridians in the human body is like a "track", to dominate the body's material transport, mainly refers to the absorption of nutrients and toxic waste discharge, are completed through the meridians. If the meridians barrier, endocrine will be disorder, medication through the meridians of the effect is very obvious, to achieve through the meridian treatment of the purpose of organs, meridian organs, the body naturally healthy. Here the selection of pure Chinese herbal, to open the meridian organs of the door, to achieve the purpose of treating the symptoms, so that patients do not relapse after cure.


  1. Strength the tendons and bones:
    The selection of the finest with a strong gluten bone effect of Chinese herbal, in the course of treatment to play the purpose of righting, through the bones and feet strong, righting to cure the body weak or physically weak and bones are not strong patients, So that the treatment effect lasting stability, for a cure never to provide technical support. surgery bones:
    Select the smell of Chinese herbal with a thick herbal, coupled with the leading herbal led the main herbal, open the line of stagnation straight through the lesion, through the skin through the flow through the network, open surgery and other walking function. Through the paste on the surface of the plaster to stimulate the expansion of blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, improve the speed of surrounding tissue cells to achieve the drug through the skin, osmotic access to subcutaneous tissue, cartilage and other parts, in the local high concentrations of herbal, to play a thorough treatment effect.


  1. saprophytic:
    The use of the role of preserving myogenic effect of Chinese herbal, through the joint action of the herbs, to promote carrion off, melting, decomposition, new growth, accelerate the healing of diseased tissue, restore the original appearance of diseased tissue method. To restore the purpose of organizational structure, give full play to the role of Chinese herbal, play the effect of both the symptoms.


【Product standard】 YZB / 0009-2014
[Registration number] No. 1640005
【Production registration number】 20100003

【Manufacturer】 Harbin Kang You Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
【Validity】 two years  


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